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Checking in with progress

Steve came and took a lot of furniture to his store for consignment. That means that there is some space to move and sort things. It’s funny to look downstairs and see the rooms fill up. Thankfully, the one that is least full right now contains what is going to Venice and what is being shipped there after an apartment is found.

This is a picture of the room filling up with things to sell.

Also, as you can see, I worked on the background of this blog. It feels better to me now.



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Beginning the process of dismantling my house

After making the decision to move to Venice, I am faced with dismantling my house. This might sound like nothing, but I come from a long line of people who kept/keep everything. For example, I found a bunch of correspondence to my grandmother, including cards I “sent” her when I was a few months old. Like “Happy Birthday, Grandmother!” from your baby granddaughter of 3 months old. MANY MANY years ago. She kept all the cards and letters I sent her. I did find some interesting correspondence between various members of my family and learned some new things about them and their relationships. For example, my mother wrote to my grandmother complaining about how hard it was to iron everything and the difficulty she was having.

Here are the questions I faced: Should I sell my house or rent it out? If I rent it, I could buy a storage unit and keep it off to the side of my house. If I sell it, I would have to rent a storage unit. I’m getting rid of most everything, but I will keep a few pieces of furniture and some other items. I found a storage place near my house that has a good rate and they will even let you use their truck for free on move-in day. If you pay for a year, they will include two months free.  That all makes it worthwhile.

A friend told me about a man who helped her family when they had an estate sale of her grandfather’s things. She said he was fair and told them how much he would sell something for and how much they would each make. I went to see him at his store and immediately felt better.  Gone was the weight on my shoulders about how I would get rid of things! Here was someone who was going to help me. I went home and started gathering things to sell.

He brought another guy over the following week who has a lot of smarts about estate sales. He really understands the psychology of people attending the sales. We will all work together.

That night I met with a couple who sells real estate and also does property management, so they understand both sides of the financial picture. I also have known them for a long time, so that feels good. They had some questions for my financial advisor. She answered that we were on the right track, so I’ll be meeting with them again next week to discuss price and they will show me the comps they found.

In the meantime, I am going through my closet, and only keeping things I love. It turns out I love too many things, so more clothes will go in storage. I did the same with purses and scarves. It is now a pleasure to walk into my closet and only see clothes that feel good to wear. It helps that I  just lost 40 pounds

Last night Steve, the original dealer, came over with his truck and took a bunch of furniture to go on consignment in his store. It feels SO good to have more space in the house. Now I have room to put the things I have into various categories: what I am keeping/storing, what I am taking to Venice, what I am selling in the estate sale, what I am selling in the garage sale, what I am giving to friends, and what I am taking to Goodwill. When the house goes on sale, it should be empty, except for the few pieces I am keeping to “stage” the house. More later.


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A Big Decision

I have decided to move to Venice. This will come as no surprise to readers of this blog. There are so many decisions to make and the preparations seem endless. If I look around at all the stuff I have to get rid of, it seems daunting and I think I’ll never finish. If I keep my head down and just work on a section at a time, I make progress. I like to look up and see empty spaces.

So for the present, and until I actually get there, this blog will be a record of how I am getting myself to the city that makes me smile, just thinking about it.


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