Old ladies love us!

We seem to have an affinity for old ladies and they for us. We opened our front door one day and greeted an old Venetian woman walking by with her shopping cart with “Buongiorno.” She stopped, surprised, and asked us in Italian if she knew us. We said no, that we were just friendly. She smiled and came over to talk to us. She was born in Venice and had children and grandchildren here. We chatted awhile. She seemed very happy for the encounter. We’ll probably see her again in the neighborhood. Perhaps she’ll stop by for another chat. There is a small “supermarket” across the street where she was headed. I put this in quotes because I was introduced to a real supermarket just around the corner that we will probably use for purchases other than produce.

We were at a concert with our friend Bruno and an old woman was sitting next to him. She engaged us in conversation before and at the end and was just delightful. She was very interested in Abby. During the concert was was a man singing whose voice sounded like a woman’s. I kept watching him and pairing the sound with the movement of his mouth. At first I thought it must be a duet and I just couldn’t see the woman from where I was sitting. We were in pews at the side of the church. We didn’t know you needed a reservation, but we were able to convince them to let us in. (Gabriana is good that way.) The woman told us that a man singing with a woman’s voice was a special thing here and that it took a lot of muscles in your neck and chest. When she said goodbye, she called Gabriana “cara,” which we remember fondly. We walked out together and expressed our delight with each other, kissing on both cheeks, the charming custom here.

We met two Australian women at SoSu gelato and when they seemed confused by the variety, we helped them decide which gelato to order. We told them our favorites. They thanked us outside where we were leaning against the building enjoying our treat. We never make it too far away! They were going to get on a cruise, but were sopping up as much culture as they could before leaving, unlike their cruise mates who they complained only wanted to shop. They told us about the opera nearby they were going to see. We went by afterwards to check on it for ourselves. They also loved Abby and said they missed their dogs at home.



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5 responses to “Old ladies love us!

  1. linda

    So what is your favorite flavor gelato?

    • Hi Linda, Last year our favorite was called Choco Fresh, which was chocolate based, with mint chocolate and a hint of coconut. He isn’t making it this season, so I had to settle for his SuSo special, which is some kind of nut with caramel sauce running through it. That’s what I recommended and they loved it!

  2. Diane Rauchwerger

    Of course the old ladies love you. The three of you are so cute and friendly! Say,”Hi” to Bruno and your other friends for me. Love, Diane

    • Hi Diane, Thank you! We have a wonderful time talking to people and Abby is so popular. Everyone wants to pet her…young and old. All of our friends have
      asked after you and I will relay your message. We’ve been to two free concerts with Elisa, Anna, and Bruno so far. Tonight we saw Shaul and was able to thank him for that fantastic dinner last year at DaRaffaeli.

  3. Stefania Vincent

    Hi you two ladies and Abby, how I’d love to be over there as I sit here in Auckland with a howling gale and heavy rain as a “front” comes down over us from higher up in the Pacific. But our summer is coming (it is, it is!!!). You are obviously enjoying yourselves, I’m trying not to envy you as envy is such a waste of time. Perhaps next year now that my new hip is settled in and I can walk again pain-free, I too will be back in Venice, must make sure I have your address !!! Much love to you three ! XOXOXOXO Stefania

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