Returning to Venice!

On our way into Venice from the airport!  I'm kinda happy.

On our way into Venice from the airport! I’m kinda happy.

Well hello again,

I did so well on my trip to Venice last year that we are going again. In fact, I was rejuvenated. After several MRIs this past summer to check on a bothersome growth, the last one showed no change, and I don’t have to have another MRI this month! We were approved, and actually encouraged, to travel again. No question where I wanted to go. So we are in the final stages of departure.

Again we are taking Abby, our medical service dog. Gabriana is busy doing all the paperwork to take her, including driving to San Francisco to bring some papers. I’m glad we live relatively close. I think this office serves  lot of cities.

I packed what I thought I would take. Now I’m being ruthless and trying to eliminate as much as I can. I keep thinking of what it feels like to have too much stuff there. I’m branching out into brighter colors and that feels good. I’ve hidden away my purples and turquoise for too long.

I would like to do some sketching, but travelers are discouraged from sitting anywhere. There are crudely handwritten warning signs posted over tempting seats. I found at a 3-legged stool to stick in my bag or sling over my shoulder. I saw some artists last year who could sit ANYWHERE they liked and that idea stayed with me.

I’m also taking it easy packing. Last year I did too much at one time and did too much lifting to try out the weight. It’s no wonder that I had terrible pains in my side during the trip.

Now I’m working on my “amazements.” This is the word my daughter, Gabriana, used when she was a little girl and was packing her amusements for a trip. It was so cute, I didn’t have the heart to correct her. Now we laugh, but we still use that expression.

What will I want to do for a month when I have down time? And what is easy to carry? I have some books I want to read, but they are hard cover. I can just hear you saying, “What about a Kindle?” But that just seems like one more gadget to bring and I can get Kindle on my laptop and my iPhone. The flight attendant last year was appalled when she saw me reading on my iPhone and INSISTED that it was not good for my eyes and shamed me into stopping. ] I love to do extreme Sudoku, so I plan to print up a bunch for the month. I just have to force myself not to start them now. I’ve already packed my watercolor art supplies, so that is covered.

Since I haven’t finished my Pimsleur Italian lessons, I will probably do that and then try out the conversations the next day. I have a bone to pick with the authors. When “Mr. and Mrs.” Smith and all other couples have a conversation about what they are going to buy, the wife ALWAYS asks the husband for money and he always comment on whether what she wants to buy seems too expensive. Then he throws in the kicker and tells her to buy only un capello (hat), no due (two!) I continue my lesson after I have done some screaming.

Update: we arrived yesterday and are in our glory! Gabriana has written a post about our arrival on her blog, Nosy Parker, along with a short video of the water taxi ride into the city. More to come, after we have had some gelato! This time we are in Castello, a different neighborhood than all of my trips before, so we have new places to explore. It’s fun to hear Italian conversations outside our window. We are right on the street.



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11 responses to “Returning to Venice!

  1. Woohoo, I’m so happy and excited for you, Jude. You must be over the moon. Abby probably considers this her second home now. Give Venice a great big hug and smile from me, please. I look forward to hearing from you and Gabriana. Baci, baci, baci. 🙂

  2. Julie

    I am beyond happy to know that you are doing so well and are once again in Venice! Every word of your post brings joy to my heart! Have a fantastic time, and we will get together when you return, so you can show me all your beautiful sketches. Eat some gelato for me, please! And bring home some pocket coffee if you find some (chocolate squares filled with espresso), by the same company that makes Nutella.

  3. Maxine

    It is YOU my friend and your wonderful daughter that are truly A M A Z I N G. Your journey and all the obstacles you’ve hurdled over make me tap my heart and love you that much more. Yes, you are AMAZING Jude and I’m so happy for you to enjoy this time in your special place with your very special daughter. xxoo Love, Max

  4. grandmadeb

    Red Wine, Bread, Pasta, and Gelato. Lather, rinse, and repeat!

  5. May you and Gabriana enjoy every moment of every day in Venice. Your sense of wonder and of adventure inspire us all.

  6. Peggy McMann

    I’m so glad you’re back I’m Italy. I hope you have an amazing time and I look forward to your words, pictures and water colors that you are willing to share. Have a gelato for me and maybe I’ll visit there someday and have one for you!

    Love, Peggy Burger McMann

    Sent from my iPad

  7. Très bon séjour sous le soleil vénitien, profitez bien ! A presto !

  8. Nora Kline

    I am so happy to read the next chapter in the “Adventures in the Life of Jude Marks”…stay happy and healthy my friend…love,hugs and happiness ……Nora

  9. Lou Ferrentino

    I think it is wonderful that you said, “screw it all, let’s go have fun” and look where you ended up! Bless You, Gabriana and Abby, enjoy each day as if it were your last….Lou

  10. Rob C

    I echo all the sentiments above. It’s great to see you all back in a Venice. Oh, and I love the film star look 🙂

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