From our new front door to our old… or you CAN go home again!

One day as we were opening our front door to head out we were immediately stopped by a guy who said he owned one of the three Boston Terriers in Venice.  He asked right away if he could breed his dog with Abby, but the answer was no because she has been fixed. At least he was asking about the dog. We were thrilled to know there were more Bostons in Venice, since we didn’t see any last year. He and his friend were interesting and funny musicians who played at various churches. They will let us know the next time they are playing. Here is a picture of our musician friend with Abby and Gabriana.

IMG_0850Next we came upon the coke bottle shoes that I saw in 2009 and was so fascinated by. Still am. This time I have more pictures and the name of the artist, Luigi Bona. We also saw several of his pieces in a gallery a few days later, with more of a picture and story about the artist. Here are some of my favorites.  And here is a link to see more of his work.

IMG_0862As I was crossing a bridge I noticed something I see here often over an alley, but not over a canal. Someone hung her laundry. I hope it dried and that she was adept. I put mine outside today, but no luck at all. I guess I needed a canal nearby.

As we were walking to our old campiello (courtyard) and taverna, we ran into Severine, our fabulous server from last year who was walking to work. It was nice because we had a chance to visit with her before she went to work. Last year Gabriana noticed that our friends who work there, Vincenzo, Severine, and her boyfriend, Marcel, were always arguing over who had the lighter. So before we left, she bought enough packages of lighters for each of them to have to last their lifetimes. I hope they quit smoking before then. Sev said they tried, using electronic cigarettes, but returned to the vice. It seems to be the new thing here since it is more healthy.

IMG_0872While in the bar I noticed this beautiful espresso machine. It seems hard to believe that they actually use it. But the bartender said that he does. They serve what feels like a whole dinner to us at their happy hour, so we ate there that night. It was so wonderful to be at our old campiello again. As we were walking by our old apartment, the door opened and we met the nicest couple from England who were renting it to be in Venice for their wedding. Their whole family is coming and will rent all the apartments that look out onto the campiello. We ran into them again at the taverna and had a lovely evening with them.

IMG_0876Here is one of my favorite views from the campiello, looking at the Rialto Bridge. I swear the bird wasn’t posing! This view had everything in it—a vaporetto (water bus) the famous bridge, and a tower. I’m sure my friend Bert will chime in with what tower that is! Then my eye rested on a door that pleased my eyes. It looked so natural here, but I can’t really picture it at home.


Here’s a link to read Gabriana’s blog “Nosy Parker” and check out the short videos she’s created so you can join along our adventures!




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11 responses to “From our new front door to our old… or you CAN go home again!

  1. linda

    What wonderful memories of Venice this brings back. We loved the few days we had there a few years ago. Love the coke bottle shoes. After Sharon hiked the Pacific Crest Trail I started collecting photos of shoes for what was going to be a scroll book–These Boots are Made for Walking –which I still haven’t finished. May have to include some of these. Meanwhile, I’ll have to send you a link (when I remember where I put the photos) of shoes by a Portland artist–high heels made from hardware. Makes me think of some of the bustiers you used to make.

    • Hi Linda, I’d love to see the high heels made from hardware. They all have that repurposing in common, don’t they! I’m glad this post evoked good memories for you!

  2. I reckon that church bell tower might belong to San Bartolomeo. Let’s see if I got it right!

    That coffee machine is a winner, fancy having that on your kitchen counter. And, isn’t that door in the campiello a beauty?

    Abby surely is a little bloke magnet, it seems. Or is it Gabriana?

  3. Flomama

    You would LOVE Kuprivchitza, a village in southern Bulgaria! All the exterior doors/gates are pleasing to the eye.

  4. Bert

    Quite right, Yvonne. San Bartolomeo.
    Jude, if you go into the narrow dark calle at the foot of the campanile, you can see a large mascherone or scacciadiavolo over the doorway.
    See more coffee machines like that in bars in Campo Santa Margherita.

  5. Sailor Dale

    Ah, Venicia of my heart! Speaking of San Bartolommeo, Fra Bartolommeo is my favorite Italian Ranaissance painter, to me he brought “everyday” people into his paintings for that era (e.g. as viewed in Fiorenza at the entrance to the Medici sculptures by Michelangelo)- and, he had a roving eye. I actually wrote a screenplay featuring him as he came back to support his contemporary artist in the US. All best wishes, Sailor Dale

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